Hi! I just wanted to reach out and tell you that I tried My perfect pair breast tape today and it is LIFE CHANGING! I’m a DDD 40 and I’ve never been able to find a strapless bra that I could tolerate. I had my doubts about an adhesive bra because any that I’ve tried in the past were total failures. MPP totally worked for me though! They are comfortable and they listed the whole day without budging. I’m so impressed! I wore a spaghetti strap dress for the first time in my life without bra straps showing and I felt so free! Thanks for making such an incredible product. I will def be ordering more and I’ll be telling all of my friends!
                                                                               -Christina S. 

Finally was able to wear my favourite dress out that was low in the front & not have to worry about readjusting and having fun! I felt secure and confident all evening! 
                                                                               -Kaitlyn G.

There is no product on the market that offers anywhere close to the support and flexibility of My Perfect Pair. Wearing them feels comfortable and free. Having fun is the only thing you have to worry about all night!
                                                                                -Chantal K.

I have always hated wearing bras so I have tried pretty much every nipple cover on the market & hated all of them. My Perfect Pairs are the first ones that stay on the entire night & are seamless plus they are super cute! 
                                                                                -Jacqueline W.

I cannot recommend this product enough! Having 30E bra size has always made bra shopping difficult, and strapless bras have never worked for me. My Perfect Pair has allowed me to easily and comfortably wear the spaghetti strap & strapless tops that I have been dying to wear for years! Thank you! 
                                                                                 -Kayla G. 

I grew up in the dance world and on stages. The costumes I would have to wear as a developing young girl did not allow for bras and bra straps to be worn on stage while dancing. We literally duct taped ourselves down to get the lift and support that we needed. Because of this, I have always lacked elasticity in my skin on my chest. After breastfeeding I lost any fullness I had. I literally feel like I have 2 deflated balloons on my chest. Which is fine. I love myself and have worked hella hard to love evert part of my body. But the FREEDOM and confidence that My Perfect Pair allows me to feel is NEXT LEVEL when I have it on . I don't know that I've EVER felt this supported in a bra. If I could wear this every day, I 100% would.  
                                                                                     -Jess S. 

Have to say... I've been wearing your breast tape at the Calgary stampede all day. I've only ever worn duct tape before because that's all that lasts. We're going on 6+ hours and its still holding. Well done. Really love this... Also, some random woman just complimented how nice my boobs are. 
                                                                                       -Charmaine C. 

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