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Life Changing!

I just wanted to reach out and tell you that I tried My perfect pair breast tape today and it is LIFE CHANGING! I’m a DDD 40 and I’ve never been able to find a strapless bra that I could tolerate. I had my doubts about an adhesive bra because any that I’ve tried in the past were total failures. MPP totally worked for me though! They are comfortable and they listed the whole day without budging. I’m so impressed! I wore a spaghetti strap dress for the first time in my life without bra straps showing and I felt so free! Thanks for making such an incredible product. I will def be ordering more and I’ll be telling all of my friends!

-Christina S.


I cannot recommend this product enough! Having 30E bra size has always made bra shopping difficult, and strapless bras have never worked for me. My Perfect Pair has allowed me to easily and comfortably wear the spaghetti strap & strapless tops that I have been dying to wear for years! Thank you! 

-Kayla G. 

Felt secure and confident all night!

Finally was able to wear my favourite dress out that was low in the front & not have to worry about readjusting and having fun! I felt secure and confident all evening!

-Kaitlyn G.


I grew up in the dance world and on stages. The costumes I would have to wear as a developing young girl did not allow for bras and bra straps to be worn on stage while dancing. We literally duct taped ourselves down to get the lift and support that we needed. Because of this, I have always lacked elasticity in my skin on my chest. After breastfeeding I lost any fullness I had. I literally feel like I have 2 deflated balloons on my chest. Which is fine. I love myself and have worked hella hard to love evert part of my body. But the FREEDOM and confidence that My Perfect Pair allows me to feel is NEXT LEVEL when I have it on . I don't know that I've EVER felt this supported in a bra. If I could wear this every day, I 100% would.

-Jess S. 

I have always hated wearing bras so I have tried pretty much every nipple cover on the market & hated all of them. My Perfect Pairs are the first ones that stay on the entire night & are seamless plus they are super cute!            

- Jacqueline W.

I cannot recommend this product enough! Having 30E bra size has always made bra shopping difficult, and strapless bras have never worked for me. My Perfect Pair has allowed me to easily and comfortably wear the spaghetti strap & strapless tops that I have been dying to wear for years! Thank you! 

- Kayla G.

I wore The Perfect Pair last night and they are the best Booby Stickers I have ever used! My Girls looked lifted and shapely in my dress. I will be ordering more and telling my girlfriends all about your wonderful product. Thank you again for your speedy delivery x

- Shari


Have to say... I've been wearing your breast tape at the Calgary stampede all day. I've only ever worn duct tape before because that's all that lasts. We're going on 6+ hours and its still holding. Well done. Really love this... Also, some random woman just complimented how nice my boobs are.

- Charmaine C.

I’ve never been able to wear strapless outfits... until now!

I just wanted to reach out [even though I typically never give reviews for anything!]. But I just had to say how amazing your product was for me. I was sceptical at first while purchasing since I'm a 40DDD and typically have issues keeping any support with even a normal strapped bra.

I’ve never been able to wear strapless outfits let alone a backless and plunging dress but this worked FLAWLESSLY for me. I was a Maid of Honour in a wedding, so I was literally running around a hotel and up and down stairs from 6am until midnight and the tape didn’t even budge, they stayed perfectly in place and I barely noticed I wasn’t wearing a “proper” bra.

Not to mention how quick the shipping time was for my last minute purchase. I will absolutely be recommending this product to all my friends and purchasing again for the next wedding.

- Pam


I just wanted to say that I wore a set of my perfect pair to my wedding on Sunday and they were incredible. I am a 30E and was really struggling to figure out what to wear under my dress until I found these. They stayed in place from 9am until I took them off after 1am. They never budged despite dancing and it being an extremely hot day. I am telling all of my friends about your product. They worked better than any bra I tired on for my dress. All that to say – Thank you for creating a game changing product!

I’ve literally told every woman I know about them

I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your product. As someone who nursed a couple babies, I went from an F to a DD after breastfeeding and lost pretty much all firmness in my breast.

Finding a product that lifts me, holds me in, and supports me without feeling like I have Jell-O in a bowl on my chest like for example when I am wearing a strapless bra has been game changing for me. I was gifted a pair of my perfect pair from my girlfriend. I’ve literally told every woman I know about them since.

Thank you so much for changing my life with these! These are absolutely amazing! Recommending to everyone. I am very heavy chested and these gave me the lift, shape, & cleavage I’ve always dreamed of.

- Katie

Your breast tape helped me feel better during my wedding dress alterations when feeling a little self conscious about my boobs. The tape lasted all day on my wedding, thank you for coming out with this beautiful and amazing product.

- Sky

I swam, sweated, and even took a shower!

Just a quick message to let you know that I used My perfect pair during the weekend, to boost up my one boob!! My swimsuit was one shoulder and I needed to jack up one side.. It looked and felt amazing, I swam, sweated, and even took a shower with it on… Thank you for this amazing product

- Ima


I stumbled upon My Perfect Pair when a friend of mine shared their IG story on their stories. I had a wedding coming up and my dress had an open back. Although there was support in the dress, I didn’t feel supported. Fast forward to the wedding yesterday and I was part of the bridal party, which means I had to be with the bride the whole time we were taking pictures outside. We were in a beautiful park for 3 hours, not a lot of shade, and it was 41 degrees in Montreal… we were all sweating buckets but I was the only ONE who’s “stickies” didn’t budge. All of the other bridesmaids had clear stickies that were peeling off after about an hour. Definitely worth the money and I didn’t have to worry about my perfect pair showing.

- Veronique

They were awesome!

Just wanted to send you some pics from my wedding last weekend. I used my perfect pair and THEY WERE AWESOME!! You have an amazing product and I will 10000% be ordering again and have already recommended them to anyone who would listen! Thanks again for (literally) supporting me on the most incredible day of my life!



I finally could wear this dress that I have had in my closet for a year that still had the tags on it because I never had the right bra for it. Best purchase I have ever made.

- Nicole 

Honestly exceeded my expectations!

I wore these for my wedding and they worked out amazing! I love that you can trim them to size to make them customizable for any dress style. I danced and even slept in these and they were still in place the next day. They honestly exceeded my expectations!! 


I wore the ivory perfect pair last weekend on my wedding and they were incredible! Super supportive, withheld through the entire day and all the dancing. Was never worried about pulling things up or having to readjust, they were literally perfect. Thank you again! 

I wore my perfect pair bridal dress shopping

OMG! I wore my perfect pair bridal dress shopping today and wow. I felt covered and secure while being able to try on all of the beautiful open back and low cut dresses without worrying about a bra. It truly made my dress shopping experience more comfortable and I cant wait to wear them again for my next appointment when I hope to find my perfect dress. Thank you for designing this amazing brand.

- Renee